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The Village of Diamond operates under the commission form of government. The commission form of government consists of a Mayor and four commissioners who serve as the council. The council by majority vote designates each member as commissioner of accounts and finances, public health and safety, streets and public improvements, and public property. The Mayor serves as the liquor commissioner and commissioner of public affairs. Each commissioner has executive control over any administrative departments that are assigned.

The Village Clerk

The Village Clerk is appointed by the Village Board and is responsible for maintaining official Village records. The Clerk is also responsible for Utility Billing.

General and Liquor Licensing

Section XI of the Village Code provides regulations for General and Liquor Licensing. Applications for such are coordinated though the Executive and Clerk’s Office.


Registration is required for Commercial Establishments and Solicitation. Applications for such may be obtained via the website services page or you may contact the Village Clerk.

Commercial Registration

Any person desiring to register a business shall file an application with the Village, not less than thirty (30) days prior to the time said person desires to commence the business operation. The annual fee for a business registration is $25.00 and shall be paid in advance to the Village Clerk at the time of filing the application. Upon receipt of an application, a designee from the Village shall provide the applicant 5 days notice to schedule an inspection of the new business premises to determine whether the business premises complies with the provisions of the Building Codes and Zoning Ordinance.


Any person intending to conduct commercial or non-commercial solicitation activities within the Village shall register with the Village Clerk. Each registrant shall submit a completed copy of the registration form, along with a non-refundable fee in the amount of $50.00 prior to execution of the registration. It is the Village policy to allow a 5 day review period prior to issuing the license.

Further Commercial Registration and Solicitation requirements are in the Village Code.

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