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How To Identify A Nicor Gas Employee

A Message from Nicor:

Your personal safety and financial security are important!While it is often easy to identify Nicor Gas workers at a construction or work site, you may also see meter readers, leak surveyors and other field service representatives in your neighborhood as they go about our normal course of business. Learn more about the uniforms our field employees wear.

Whenever a field service representative or one of our contractors visits your home or business, they will provide Nicor Gas identification. If you have further concerns, please contact customer care at 888.642.6748 to confirm that a representative has been scheduled to perform work at your premises.

When a customer service representative contacts you by phone regarding the status of your account or to discuss payment, they will identify that they are a Nicor Gas employee.

If you want to verify that the call is legitimate, request to have the representative confirm information about your account that only you and the company would know, for example:

  • The date of your last payment
  • The amount of your last payment
  • Your account number

Nicor Gas will never demand payment by one method such as prepaid debit /ATM card or checking account.

Nicor Gas will never knock on your door and ask to see your bill or ask for your account number. Any customer who has doubts about the legitimacy of any visit from Nicor Gas, or call (especially one in which payment is requested), should call us directly. If you feel uncomfortable and know you have an outstanding balance that needs to be resolved, hang up and call us directly.

Finally,  we will never ask for account or credit card information in an email. You can safely access and make changes to your account information and payment methods using our My Account online account management option.