Village of Diamond



The Village of Diamond is located in both Grundy and Will County, Illinois, approximately 52 miles southwest of the Chicago Loop, just south of I-80 along the I-55 Corridor. The Village was named after the coal synonym “black diamond” due to the sparkle from the sunlight on the rich black coal. The area attracted coal miners in the early 1870’s and on February 16, 1883 tragedy struck when a mine shaft flooded, killing 74 men and boys. Only 28 bodies were recovered and the mine entrance was sealed. A monument was erected in 1898, which provides a memorial to the mine disaster victims. It is located on IL 113.

Incorporated in 1895, the Village nearly disappeared after coal mining ended in the early 1900’s. The village Charter became inactive in 1929. In 1949 the Village was re-incorporated and by the end of the century had a population of 1,393. Today more than 2,500 people call Diamond home.